San Francisco: FOOD

The food in San Francisco is fantastic! While planning the trip, I knew there was a huge food scene in the city, and so I scoured Instagram for yummy (and beautiful) food recommendations. Here were some of my faves!

FARMHOUSE KITCHEN THAI CUISINE / 710 Florida Street, San Francisco / website

I found this place on Instagram! We landed in San Francisco in mid-afternoon, so after dropping our things off at the hotel, we took the bus down to Farmhouse Kitchen, which is in the Mission District neighbourhood of the city.

Despite being in a quiet residential area, the restaurant is super busy, and we had to wait a while for a seat. Lyft cars (which have essentially rendered all San Francisco taxis obsolete) were constantly pulling up to the front door to drop customers off for a meal, and the restaurant was packed the entire time we were there. We ended up taking a seat at the bar because of how full the restaurant was! The whole atmosphere of the restaurant is really fun. Servers are dressed up and made up, and I think the whole feel of the restaurant is supposed to be reflective of Thai culture.

The food was amazing; I think it was Dangerous Dan’s favourite meal of the trip! We shared two dishes: Hat Yai Fried Chicken and some noodle dish that I can’t remember the name of. (I really should start taking note of the names of the items that I order …) Both were really tasty, but that fried chicken was just out of this world! The curry, the roti, the exciting BLUE RICE! It all just came together so beautifully.

farmhouse kitchen thai cuisine hat yai fried chicken san francisco

CHUBBY NOODLE / 1310 Grant Avenue, San Francisco / website

I also found out about this place on Instagram. I saw a photo of those smooth, white baos and I knew I just had to come here! (My own pictures will not do the food justice, unfortunately.) We visited the North Beach location simply because we were already in the area, having just visited Coit Tower.

Dangerous Dan and I shared some Korean Pork Tacos and Steamed Pork Buns. The couple beside us ordered a side of kimchi and the smell was too much for us; we immediately ordered a BBQ Pork Fried Rice with a side of kimchi! I was already kind of full after those first two dishes, so it was tough to finish the food but it really did taste very good. I was a little bit sad that we didn’t get any noodles at a place that has the word “noodle” in the name, but such is life!


MAMA’S / 1701 Stockton Street, San Francisco / website

My sister told me to come here! Apparently everybody else’s sister told them to come here also because there was a significant line when we arrived about an hour after the restaurant opened. (We knew the line would be long so we didn’t plan anything for the rest of the morning.) Mama’s is known for being a family-run, cozy brunch spot! We went on a cold and foggy (typical San Francisco) day. Servers came out with hot chocolate and coffee for people who were so cold, they paid for drinks before even entering the establishment! Dangerous Dan used this waiting time to catch Pokemon, and I read my book! We also took turns exploring Washington Square while the other person waited in line. I got a nice photo of some middle-aged Chinese ladies doing a dance!

Once inside the restaurant, there was another line to stand in – this time for ordering food! I used this time to admire the cooks working in the open kitchen. Several eggs were used in the making of the breakfasts.

I ordered one of the specials of the day, a French Toast Sampler. Dangerous Dan had a salmon omelette. We also shared a really tasty hot chocolate! It wasn’t too sweet, and that’s what made it better than so many other hot chocolates that I’ve had.

mama's brunch san francisco-min

PPQ DUNGENESS ISLAND / 2332 Clement Street, San Francisco / website

People always seem to talk about dungeness crab in San Francisco. We’d made half-hearted attempts at eating crab throughout the trip – some crabby noodles here, a crab cake there – but we decided to go all out at PPQ Dungeness Island. We had the peppercorn crab accompanied by garlic noodles, and I enjoyed cracking the crab legs and really putting effort into getting my food! We are descendants of hunters and gatherers, after all!

ppq dungeness peppercorn crab and garlic noodles

THE FIRST SWENSEN’S ICE CREAM STORE / 1999 Hyde Street, San Francisco / website


Our original plan was to stop by Swensen’s and happily slurp our ice cream while walking down Lombard Street, the crookedest street in San Francisco and maybe the world! Despite how cold San Francisco can be, our ice cream melted at an alarmingly fast rate and we were forced to finish it on a random street before arriving at Crookedest Street. (Just for context, Crookedest Street is about a 5 minute walk from Swensen’s.) Regardless, the ice cream was delicious and it’s just cute to be in an old-fashioned ice cream shop!

MR HOLMES BAKEHOUSE / 1042 Larkin Street, San Francisco / website

Everyone talks about this place and how tasty and special its famous cruffins are! (That’s a croissant and a muffin put together!) All of the websites and blogs that I had read about this celebrated cruffin warned against long lines, and so Dangerous Dan and I woke up early to reserve a spot in line. But when we got there … the store was practically empty! We’d arrived about 40 minutes before the cruffins were meant to come out of the oven (9:00 AM), so we ordered a savoury pastrami croissant to satisfy our stomachs as we waited for the cruffins to finish baking. And then the next 40 minutes of my life were kind of embarrassing! We started the line for the cruffins, but no one really joined us until about 10 minutes before it was time. Basically, what I’m trying to say is if you visit Mr Holmes Bakehouse on a Thursday morning, you don’t need to go early in order to get a cruffin.

The cruffins only have one flavour each day, so if you don’t like the flavour of the day, then too bad for you! I was actually really nervous about this because I’m very picky when it comes to desserts. The flavour of our cruffin was chocolate cherry almond, and it was messy to eat but oh so delicious! The filling just oozed out of the croissant and it almost made me forget about my worthless 40 minute wait!

I have another San Francisco food post coming soon, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed drooling over my delicious foodie travel adventures! A lot of eating was done on this trip and it was all totally worth it.


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