Seven Days in San Francisco

golden gate bridge cloudy grey

Actually, it was more like eight days … but travel days don’t really count, right? (Also, alliterations are awesome!)

Dangerous Dan and I got married back in October of last year, but what with school (and vacations with our families), we didn’t go on our honeymoon until August! It was also the first time we’d ever gone on vacation completely alone, which was very exciting!

Everyone said that a week in San Francisco was really long, and even the border patrol agent at the airport interrogated us as to what we’d be doing in the foggy city. Our trip ended up being really relaxing (still a bit of a novel concept to me, since my trips growing up were jam-packed with sightseeing and educational experiences), and we were able to see some more unique sights and attractions because of the long length of our stay.

Of course, eating great food is a necessity when going on vacation. We ate all over the city, but we obviously hit up the touristy spots too – mostly Fisherman’s Wharf and the surrounding area!

sourdough bread bowl clam chowder san francisco fisherman's wharf

Speaking of touristy things, Dangerous Dan and I went on a bunch of guided tours, from Chinatown to AT&T Park.

san francisco chinatown lanterns

We also ventured out to the bay to take a look at the beautiful bridges and interesting islands! (I am going strong with this alliterating!)

Finally, we did the really touristy thing and biked across the Golden Gate Bridge to the neighbouring town on Sausalito!


Not that this is a guide, but I did want to leave you with some tips for transportation. We bought the 7-Day Visitors’ Pass for MUNI (which takes care of all the buses, historic streetcars, and ridiculously expensive but super fun cable cars). It was really great to use public transit to get all over the city without a care in the world (i.e. without paying each ride). However, the different bus routes can sometimes share bus stops and things like that, so it’s important to wave the correct bus down just in case the driver thinks you’re waiting for other buses. Another thing to note is that the vehicles/drivers don’t like to consistently tell passengers which stops are coming up next, so you really have to follow along with a map. It would’ve been really difficult to navigate without Google Maps! (Our generation has it so easy!)

More detailed blog posts will be coming soon, if I can organize myself enough to write them within a reasonable time frame! Either way, they’re coming!

P.S. I also read about San Francisco while in San Francisco! Exciting, I know.


2 thoughts on “Seven Days in San Francisco

  1. It’s always been my personal belief that ALL soup should be served in a bread bowl! I also ate at an Indian restaurant in Malaysia that served its curries in bread bowls – amaaaazing!


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