Eating My Way Through Boston

A couple of months ago, I visited Boston with a few friends. It was nice to have a quick girls’ getaway, and we ate some really delicious food while there. We didn’t plan too ahead, but we knew that eating seafood was a must! To get really good food recommendations, my friend just looked at the popular blog (WE ARE HUGE FANS BUT I’M STILL SO UNSTYLISH), and we simply ate wherever Jean Wang suggested!

So, in no particular order (actually, it’s in the order we visited the restaurants!), here are some of the tastiest places we ate at in Boston!

SHOJO / 9 Tyler Street, Boston / website

We started our food adventures at Shojo, which is a dark, tiny, and very hip restaurant in Chinatown. It serves Asian fusion fare (which seems to be very popular these days, or maybe that’s just the food I keep choosing to eat) and it all tasted great! The kimchi fried rice was excellent (unfortunately I don’t have a photo!) – my friend ordered it and I had a bite, and I was immediately jealous that I hadn’t ordered my own.

shojo boston bao chicken wings

YANKEE LOBSTER COMPANY / 300 Northern Avenue, Boston / website

This was probably my favourite place to eat during the entire trip! We arrived via the Hop On Hop Off trolley tour, which stops nowhere close to here. It was therefore a very long walk. Maybe the food tasted better because of how hard we had to work (and how far we had to walk) to get to it, but I’m sure the food is just as delicious if you’re travelling by car! My friend and I shared a seafood platter (fried shrimp, calamari, fish, etc.) as well as a crobster (crab and lobster!) roll. Everything came with fries or onion rings, which made me so happy! I’d highly recommend the crobster roll! The stuffing was great but it was the ridiculous bread which made all the difference for me. I also seem to have noted in my travel journal that the music here was excellent; apparently I kept humming along.

yankee lobster company crobster roll seafood

If you’re into beer, walk down the street after enjoying your meal here and head to Harpoon Brewery! I don’t love alcohol, but my friends enjoyed a flight of beer here and according to them, it tasted very nice! There were a million people here, but in a fun and exciting way!

NEPTUNE OYSTER / 63 Salem Street #1, Boston / website

By far the fanciest eating experience of the trip! If you come here, get ready for some long, long wait times. The recommended time to arrive is 3 hours before you want to eat! Luckily, there was a beautiful park which we enjoyed as we waited for seats to open up at the restaurant. There’s a splash pad for kids, which, upon reflection, was actually just a fountain in which several children were playing! There were also a lot of people relaxing on the green grass, watching the sun set! It definitely wasn’t a horrible way to wait for our table.

neptune oyster bar boston

Once we made it into the restaurant, the food did not disappoint, although our wallets hurt a bit afterwards. I ate a Bottarga Vongole (right picture) – clams with some ball-shaped pasta – which was the special of the night. It tasted so, so good!

neptune oyster seafood boston bottarga vongole

QUINCY MARKET + FANEUIL HALL / 4 South Market Street, Boston / website

Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall Marketplace are just those touristy places that you have to visit! (Also, did you know that Faneuil is pronounced something like “fennel”? It’s not “fan-euy”, which is what the French part of my brain keeps thinking whenever I see the word.) I hadn’t had a clam chowder or a hot lobster roll yet at this point of the trip, so I figured I’d get both here! (I got my food specifically from Boston and Main Fish Company.) The various free samples that I received while walking to the sitting area also helped to influence this decision. Both tasted great, but I liked the clam chowder better. I think it’s also worth noting that I enjoyed my cold crobster roll from Yankee Lobster Company more than this hot lobster roll.

MIKE’S PASTRY / 300 Hanover Street, Boston / website

We’ll end off with a dessert! Mike’s Pastry is found in the North End of Boston. I got a chocolate chip cannoli, which fulfilled all of my Cake Boss dreams! (I know, I know, Cake Boss is from New Jersey, but I spent so many years watching those guys make cannolis on TV that that is my baseline.) For some reason I don’t have a picture of the actual food, but it was really yummy, and the chocolate chips added an extra pop of flavour to the already delicious dessert!mikes pastry boston

There it is, the food I ate in Boston! Such a lovely city!


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