I Am Most Confident in My Cultural Identity When I’m Drinking Milk Tea

When I was younger, I’d start every single Sunday morning with a Combo F from my favourite Hong Kong style cafe: macaroni and luncheon meat in soup, accompanied by a side dish of a ham omelette and two slices of buttered white bread. I followed a very specific set of steps when eating my breakfast. I’d cut the omelette in half, exposing the pink strands of ham, and transfer it to the bread, creating a sandwich. After eating my omelette sandwich, I’d finish up the omelette, and then move on to my macaroni. Finally, I’d wash it all down with a glass of iced lemon tea.

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Antiracism Work is Kingdom Work

Several weeks ago, movements for Black lives and racial justice swept through our social media networks. While many people proclaimed solidarity with Black communities and denounced the overpolicing of Black bodies, the uproar seems to have died down a bit recently as other stories have hit the news cycle. Though people may not be as active and vocal online as they once were, I am hopeful that (offline and in the real world) people are still continuing to do the antiracism work that is necessary for racial equity in our communities.Read More »

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History Books Written By and About Women

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that I love reading nonfiction books. I usually read memoirs, but I’ve been trying to branch out into straight-up history books. I find that it more interesting to learn about a historical event through an individual’s perspective and personal story, but sometimes I just want to get the facts in a more neutral tone of voice.

I’d like to share some history books that I’ve read recently that were written by and about women. Read More »